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You’ll never be short of support in any area of your IT service as a Fisheye customer. Our team includes:

  • Senior network engineers and consultants
  • Mid-tier engineers
  • Helpdesk staff
  • Desktop specialists
  • Kaseya specialists
  • Software developers
  • Client service people
Jeremy HuntManaging Director

“It’s not about the tools,” says Fisheye MD Jeremy Hunt, “but about how well you harness them.” There, in a nutshell, is Fisheye’s genesis. After a successful career in Europe, which saw him play a role in HP’s entry into the desktop PC market and in the launch of the London Stock Exchange’s electronic trading system (SETS), Jeremy returned to New Zealand in 2000 convinced that the link between IT and business success had not yet been fully realised. Read More…

Fisheye, launched in 2001, was his stake in the ground. “I’d already developed an informal network of people in various countries who helped each other with technical issues,” he says. “But no one was doing this in the business world – IT services were still built on an obsolete ‘fix it’ model.”Jeremy is a leading figure within the New Zealand IT world. Besides co-founding the NZ Wireless Data Forum, he is one of two New Zealand representatives on the Asia Pacific Kaseya Advisory Board, and one of 20 worldwide facilitators of the Heartland Technology Group (US/Aust/NZ), an invitation-only body that sets rigorous performance standards for its members. He is one of 20 Microsoft Partner Access Leads around the world, and represents all New Zealand SMB IT service providers within Microsoft. He has also been on the national board of the Sustainable Business Network.Jeremy holds an economics degree with an IT major. His twin passions are business (“it has to be inspirational”) and sustainability, sparked by the damage he saw to Germany’s natural environment through lack of regulation and foresight.Jeremy is a passionate advocate for the growth of New Zealand Inc. “Creating a successful business of your own is fun, but sooner or later it’s no longer a big enough game. In my experience, what never wears off is the excitement of contributing to other businesses’ success. We just happen to do that through IT.”
Helen WallworkOperations Manager

After graduating with a Bachelor of Management Studies (first-class honours) from the University of Waikato, Helen started her career as an auditor for Deloitte. While there she added chartered accountancy to her qualifications. Moving to Auckland in 2001, she further developed her experience in business, commercial and financial management. Read More…

With Helen it might be easier to mention which area of management she isn’t interested in – the list would definitely be much shorter. During her career she has honed her skills in financial control and reporting, business performance optimisation, business strategy, business process modelling, change management, systems improvement and integration, and managing the IT-partner relationship! So it was a perfect fit when Helen joined the Fisheye team as Operations Manager at the end of 2011.
GavinSenior Engineer & IT Consultant

Gavin has been providing application support and network administration as well as leading projects and IT teams since the late 1990s. He is a Microsoft Certified IT professional with a deep knowledge of Microsoft servers, Microsoft Exchange and virtualisation. In a previous life Gavin was the Support Manager for a large Australasian software development company, making him a brilliant customer-focused IT provider. Read More…

Among Gavin’s great qualities is his down-to-earth approach which allows him to talk technical talk in language that clients understand. Gotta love that.

Jeremy Harness oversees all IT architecture and project work for our clients.

Egor LaptevSenior Engineer & IT Consultant

Egor is our engineer and IT consultant. His background in complex IT support and his experience in Systems Analysis, Systems, Systems Engineering, Technical Management and Technical Consulting is extraordinary. Read More…

One of Egor’s specialties is designing, installing and supporting Windows Servers in Hyper-V environment. Also Egor has a very strong skills in Cloud Computing.
Lynn LuAccount Manager

Lynn joined Fisheye in 2016 soon after stepping off the plane from China armed with an impressive business and marketing degree. We put her in an administrative role to start with. Our bad! This girl was made for project management, relationship management, communications and more. Read More…

She’s now taken on all those roles – which she does superbly, while still overseeing a raft of critical administrative tasks with masterful ease. We reckon she’ll be Ruler of the World one day. Remember where you read it first.
Alwin Mathew AbrahamICT Service Engineer
D S Niranjan Babu VallabhaneniICT Service Engineer


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