Case Study: Pead PR

When speed counts Pead PR is a specialist brand public relations firm, one of the few of its kind in New Zealand. One challenge of the business is the many graphics and video files it creates and stores – files that chew up computer disk space quickly. Another challenge is the speed of the profession. […]

Having your cake and eating it. An eco-capitalist guide to everything.

These days it seems everybody’s saying you should be responsible and go green. I couldn’t agree more, but as a dyed-in-the-wool capitalist I want to not only save the planet, but also earn a good income. As it happens, I’m also committed to supporting my staff and community in what matters to them. So I […]

Case Study: Beef + Lamb New Zealand

Across the Universe – Migrating a 2.5 million-record database from Access to Universe While not a lot of people know it, it’s illegal to export meat from New Zealand unless you are a registered meat exporter, and to become registered you have to meet minimum standards of food safety. New Zealand has a proud record of […]

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